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The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) is a service of the University of Huelva attached to the Vice-chancellor of Research, Postgraduate and International Relations. Its mission is to get companies and institutions in Huelva are scientifically advanced entities, by encouraging close collaboration in R&D between researchers, enterprises, and institution
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Industrial manufacturing, Material and Transport TechnologiesChemicals and Materials
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Technology Transfer Office

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The machine is designed to beat and fill sacks of substrate for hydroponic cultivation, among other applications. The invention is in the area of new techniques of cultivation of the land. Hydroponic cultivation facilitates and potentially increases the production without needing preparation and it[…]

The machine was designed to disengage steel bars from prefabricated concrete sleepers manually, which allows to increase production, safety at work and to improve the technical properties of the final product. The stretcher has two benches that allow movement in two directions, longitudinal and tra[…]

The method comprises defining fragments of energy to be demanded at given time intervals by consumers of the electrical network, negotiating their purchase with providers or other users capable of bidding, synchronizing production and consumption, and storaging or providing the difference between th[…]

This plasmid solves the problems of low efficiency and instability of transgenes in the genetic manipulation of microalgae, as well as offers a procedure for the expression of high amounts of the protein of interest and better transformation efficiency[…]

It presents new configurations of CC-CC converters of single input and multiple outputs, without transformer, with a single input inductor. For its operation a single power switch is required, therefore, a single control circuit, which results in a smaller size, lower weight and simplicity compared […]

The effect of a clock glitching attack over the I2C communication process between master and slaves could have serious consequences in robot and control industrial system. This inhibitor is capable of detecting and defending attacks against to the clock signal in the I2C[…]

The invention is about a method of constructing vertical large wells, which are excavated by bivalve spoons, and are composed with an inner cladding based on cylindrical rings of reinforced concrete. The invention is especially intended for the excavation of wells in soils with clayey or silty laye[…]

An instrument is proposed for the automatic identification of nautical lights in river or maritime navigation, also applicable on mainland. The invention must address a specific problem consisting of optimizing the adjustment of the optical system for the different incoming light intensities.[…]

Autonomous device and system for vehicle detection and crosswalk signaling oriented to form a visual warning barrier especially applicable to the field of road safety. The system has several innovative features: 1) low cost, which makes possible real deployment on roads; 2) small size, which entails[…]

The converter has an input for connecting a monopolar DC source and a bipolar DC output, with the same voltage but with opposite polarities. It is useful for the connection of a distributed generation system to a bipolar DC grid. For these applications, the proposed topology is a solution with suffi[…]

The only measurement of distortion level in a network can highlight the need for action to control it. Among those actions is, for example, the use of power filters. However, the determination of the most suitable point where the filter must be connected and its most appropriate configuration requir[…]

This patent describes a cost-effective foamed bitumen process to be applied for cold recycling of aged flexible road pavements. Additionally, the base bitumen used is in-situ modified during the process and, consequently, both low and high temperature properties result remarkably improved. Finally, […]

On the one hand, the invention does not require a crimp tool, which is ideal for cabling operations that require quickness. On the other hand, the innovation allows reusing the RJ plug as many times as required until properly assembling the copper pairs. Furthermore, the connector incorporates an id[…]

The present device is focused on the automatic recovery of operating systems for routers and switches, which is one of the fundamental claims on this invention since there are no current devices in the state-of-the-art for such purposes. Another particularity that distinguishes to the present invent[…]

The conventional method of press followed by furnace sintering is now substituted by an electrical consolidation method. This allows joining in a single step the previous pressing/sintering processes, and, due to the promptness of the process, the use of controlled atmospheres is not necessary. The […]

Magnetic cores in amorphous state are usually produced by placing together very thin amorphous ribbons from a material obtained by the melt-spinning technique. The new patented method produces the amorphous material by mechanical alloying, a traditional process in the powder metallurgy field. This t[…]

The strategy for transformation is extremely simple and does not involves subcloning the gene of interest in any vector. The kit is not based on specific promoters or regulatory DNA sequences, thus it can be applied to many different plant species, from unicellular microalgae to higher plant protopl[…]

Is known in the state of the art the recovery of metals from the acid aqueous solution that contain them, generally by liquid-liquid extractions. For metals recovery at industrial scale is necessary that these metals can be recovered simultaneously by means of a single extraction step. There are sev[…]

The invention solves the problems of inefficiency which usually shows the conventional passive treatment systems. The reactive fills developed for the removal of inorganic contaminants historically have focused on removing low concentrations of these (typical features of coal mining), however when t[…]

Nowadays there are devices that allow the control of devices connected to a network from the own network. The classical method to access them from a different network is the redirection of the corresponding TCP or UDP connections to local networks from the border router. The redirection requires a h[…]

The proposed system is characterized by the following aspects which make it unique: 1- The system is built from a number of PEM fuel cells, supplied by al least one hydrogen source. Each module include a monitoring and control subsystem, so it is possible to activate/deactivate module induividual[…]

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